Invented for Life Projects

Projects that help
make a difference

At Bosch we believe that everything we do should be Invented for Life. Which is why we have designed these projects, using Bosch technology and innovations, to help people from the ground up by enabling them to make a difference.

When technology and art collide

To show the transformational beauty of innovation and technology, Bosch uses creativity and technology to transform a part of Kuala Lumpur into a piece of art.

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Medical drones to the rescue!

Bosch and Singapore-based startup Yonah partnered up to solve healthcare challenges in remote and unacessible areas in Papua New Guinea by developing autonomous drone delivery.

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BIMA takes Southeast Asia off-grid

While it is hard to imagine a hospital operating without a reliable power supply, this has been the reality for a busy clinic in Indonesia for years. Luckily, thanks to a new solution from Bosch called BIMA, outages are a thing of the past – even in the most remote parts of Asia.

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“Makers of Tomorrow”: Enabling young talents to make a difference

Bosch's goal is to foster creativity and practical skills of aspiring engineers in a targeted manner. Launched in September 2016, students from the National University of Laos were given the challenge of drawing up ideas on how to reuse an old water tank that has been standing idle on the campus.

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Jakarta, Bosch, and a smiling Hollywood actor

Delivering happiness to Indonesians, the Bosch #SMILEFIE event at the 'Car Free Day’ in Jakarta invited visitors to take a selfie by using the Bosch security cameras provided. A large screen made sure that their smiles were shared with others.

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Touching millions of Indonesian hearts

To encourage Indonesia's younger generation, Bosch initiated a project that sought to recognize and award the ideas of young inventors on the popular national TV show - Kick Andy. The first Bosch episode on the Kick Andy show aired in August 2016 and was followed by a second competition in October 2017. The project awarded creative innovative thinking of young inventors by giving them an insight into the workings of a technology company.

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Bosch Pressure Washer + Dirty Building = Road Safety

“Always be careful when you drive”. The message and art featured on the wall were created using Bosch’s high-pressure power washer. In collaboration with Myanmar’s leading contemporary artist Arker Kyaw, Bosch transformed an old building wall on Bayint Naung Road in Yangon’s Mayangone Township into an urban street mural that features this important road safety message.

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Going green and

Utilizing the creativity of local students, Bosch launched an eScooter Sharing Service in Vietnam, demonstrating Bosch’s commitment to working hand-in-hand with young talent to develop a smarter and greener Vietnam.

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